AC+DC Fast Chargers

Lubi offers best in class AC+DC Chargers with a superior tried-and-tested product for the fast-growing EV Market . These chargers come with top of the line efficiency standards enabling low power costs for customers. A wide voltage band of 100V to 500V DC in CHAdeMO, 100V to 750V DC in Combined Charging System (CCS) and 230V 1-Ph /400V 3-Ph in AC Type-2, it means all variants of electrical automobiles can be charged. Our dedicated service and support team is on call to address any field issues. Our superior Central Management Software (CMS) allows customers to monitor, operate, and track charger utilization and payments with a click of a button.


• CCS complies with IEC 62196-3, CHAdeMO complies with JEVS G104 and AC Type-2 with IEC 62196.
• Higher power conversion efficiency upto >=94%
• Output power capacity up-to 120 kW for CCS, CHAdeMO & AC Type-2 (43 kW)
• Simultaneous charging on each gun with load sharing.
• Available models in 3-Ph power input.
• High brightness HMI touchscreen interface of 7” TFT color touch screen.
• Front panel visual indication for Mains available, System error, Charging status for all 3 guns.
• Suitable for extreme Indian environmental conditions.
• Payment options integration with RFID, payment wallets, and credit card
• Modular design resulting in streamlined support and service
• All-weather enclosure and HMI for use inside or outside (IP54)
• Built-in communication modules for (3G/Wifi/LAN)
• Compliance with OCPP 1.6J protocol

Protections :
Input Over Voltage, 
Input Under Voltage, 
Connection Abnormality, 
Emergency Stop, 
Lightning Protection, 
Short Circuit, 
Over Current, 
Over Temperature, 
Reverse Battery Connection

Applications :
Service Station
Commercial buildings