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​About Lubi EV Solutions

Lubi EV Solutions is the e-vehicle supply equipment arm of Lubi Industries LLP. Lubi Industries LLP was established in 1965 and is one of the leading manufacturing companies in India with business verticals across embedded and power electronics, solar energy, industrial automation, pumping systems, and electric motors. 

Lubi EV Solutions has a strong research and development team dedicated to design state of the art indigenous EV chargers as per requirements of India and Global market. 

Lubi EV Solutions currently offers a full range of energy efficient EV Chargers including AC Chargers, DC Chargers and Combination Chargers as per Indian and International standards. We also offer central management system(CMS) software solutions to operate and monitor charger networks.

These comprehensive EV charging solutions are able to fulfill the needs for various applications such as commercial parking, corporate buildings, fleet operations, and residential buildings.

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